Whatever your needs, you want your marketing dollars to work as hard as you do.

Your business is more than bricks and mortar, It's your heart and soul. Use the marketing medium that is not gone in a 30 second spot or used to wrap the outgoing trash. Promotional Marketing can last for decades...perhaps outlasting you! 


Best Foot Forward Advertising is the newest Ad Specialty firm in the region but also the oldest. Begun originally in 1978 it served the business and community needs of Northwestern Pennsylvania for three decades under the Avanti label.  New name ... same expertise.

Once again, We are a full industry representative firm and therefore able to provide the full range of imprinted products. From a simple pencil to embroidered chairs. From employee rewards and incentives to custom client gifts. When you want your name on it; You want Best Foot Forward Advertisingbehind it. 



They say that you can have too much of a good thing. We don't agree and believe that you should always get the best...and to go beyond your expectation. After all, what's wrong with a little serendipity?

We offer quick turnaround on most selections and for some promotional products, three day service.Just tell us your needs and let us fulfill them.

We also understand that you want the best for your clients and thereby, presenting the best image for your company. We can secure 100% American made products for your discriminating clients and your exacting requirements.

Keep in mind that you should tailor your ad specialties to your clientele and make sure that they are relevant to them. There is a wide range of quality in pens for example and a low end, plastic pen might be cost effective but is not always a proper selection. Let us help you achieve exceptional promotional ideas that effectively market you.



"Research has found that a 5% increase in employee retention can improve a company's profitability by anywhere from 25% to 85%." (Source: Advantages magazine, December 2014)

Your employees are the corner stone of your business. You carefully selected and trained them to be an essential asset to your operation.What if they took that training and went somewhere else, especially to a competitor?

Keeping an employee is simple really; make them feel wanted and that they are part of the business. Employee awards and rewards for performance, safety and special achievements are effective means of achieving that goal. Embroidered coats; drinkware; coolers; folding chairs and countless other items will be cherished but keep in mind, that cooler or coat will also be out in the public eye and a silent promotional message.


Whether you want to promote your brand, promote a special event, or draw some on-site traffic, you need look no further. Promotional Products can fill a variety of needs including in-house employee rewards.

We can provide paper proofs, usually at no charge or finished product at minimal up-charge. Give us your concept and let the designers do the rest.



We’re always open too new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the Product Selection link, let’s chat about the possibilities. Give us a call to discuss your situation and see that we’re the perfect fit for your project.  We’ll not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. Build your dream marketing with us.


When you write that check for your advertising you want to know it is money well spent. Money that has an actual return on the cash you invested. With promotional items you know that it does!

If you see a free you pick it up? Is your refrigerator covered with magnets to hold up the kids photos? When you attend a trade show...ever pass up a free pen? Look around your desk or home and you'll find items constantly in use. Your name can and should be there as well.

Have a music store? For $200 ($.20/ea.) you could blanket a school with a thousand pencils. Have an electronics store? Why not purchase a USB car charger for $1.99/ea. and resell them for $2.95/ea? You have an immediate cash return plus the value of your store advertising on each one.

There are many ways to achieve ROI so go to our contact section and give us a shout out.


Some periods of the year are better suited for precise promotional items. December is Calendar month  for example. May might be a good time for clubs and pubs to consider Cinco De Mayo. However, June through September is all about the summer and about playing outdoors. Time for golf and tossing a frizbee. Time to hit the beach with a nice cold beverage.  Foam can covers are a great summer promo since it helps preserve the temperature and not freeze the fingers.   Of course beach balls; towels; sun visors; flip flops are beach essentials. Don't forget the kids since parents will always appreciate child protection. Sun Screen; hand sanitizers; sand buckets and tools. Let us help plan your summer campaign today.



The industry catch-all phrase for store shopping bags is "Walking Billboards." Hit the mall and watch the clientele toting their purchases up and down the corridor. However, bags are far more than a means to move a purchase from point A to point B. Store bags are reinforcers to shoppers in both prestige (Look where I shop) and as a traffic builder for the potential shopper (Oh I have to get to store XYZ). Keep in mind that even though each bag costs money, don't be overly frugal in their use. That potential shopper is more likely to believe a  sale is in progress if they see multiple bags.

The same applies to corporate trade shows since the company most observed is the Bag distributor. It is that subtle hook that has clients looking for your booth. Be the visible sector and not just an item tucked out of easy viewing.


Need a commemorative item for an annual fundraiser?  What better way than a take away item that is useful all year around. Whether keeping an item cool in the summer heat or a cold item from "sweating" indoors, The can wrap is a perfect reminder to come back again next year.


Custom cufflinks - one as a resale item and one as a remembrance but both to celebrate an event.


For "visible" it doesn't get better than the Charming Charlie bag. Vivid colors with a handle hole in the center, to maintain a flat surface while carrying merchandise. Lower cost than the designs to the right and just as effective.


This item was done in a business card style but it lends itself well to themes. A company that "Measures Up" or a car dealer that is "On the Level" 

When considering an item you can work it around your own personal campaign needs. Think "Every inch a winner" and then think what ideas it promotes in you.