Best Foot Forward Advertising is a full service Ad Specialty distributor; also called Promotional Products. Whichever term used, it spells marketing success. The function of a "Distributor" is to represent the industry manufacturers and to assist you in choosing marketing items that best serve your promotional needs. Whether immediate, (Grand opening; new product launch) or long term, (Branding; client rewards; employee rewards) it is important to work with a quality distributor who can assist you with ALL PRODUCTS and not just a few catalogs with limited items. Anyone can sell you a pen or magnet, even your local printer but if you need a custom imprinted hockey puck or woven lanyard, then trust your marketing to the best...a full service, ASI recognized distributor.



Public service is the ultimate Catch 22. You work hard to secure the position that will allow you to serve and hope that you can serve the way you intended. While we can't guarantee you smooth sailing in office, We can guarantee that we will best present your position for everyone to see. Some ideas are:

  • Campaign yard signs
  • Banners
  • Campaign badges
  • Pens and pencils
  • Themed  Items (5 star badge - Sheriff; Light bulb = new ideas)
  • Magnetic auto door signs
  • Hand fans and foam fingers
  • Door hangers and plastic bags


Those who love playing sports know their products and they are often superstitious about what they use. Utilizing Best Foot Forward Advertising allows access to the recognized brand names.  Golfers will love your presentation of  custom imprinted Nike or Titleist golf balls and in the latest design.

Have a baseball team tournament on the horizon? Let us supply your tournament with the trusted name of Rawlings. What Bass fishing tournament would be complete without a custom imprinted Rapala lure. Sell them as souveniers or gift them as part of the registration fee. Make the ball or lure an add on to the cost of the event and then recover some of your costs with the profit. Great reminder for them to book your next tournament as well!


"This is like Christmas!" It is a phrase often used when we receive a gift that was unexpected. We all like to get something; sometimes to show that we are recognized for an achievement and sometimes as a thank you. The use of products in this way is often called premiums and incentives and is at a higher level than your basic ad specialty.On the "ABOUT" page, it was mentioned that there are several levels of pens and a budget version is not always appropriate. This is one of those instances. Consider your client when determining what you select. If they are a cigar afficianado then perhaps a custom engraved humidor. Perhaps they enjoy sailing. Then give them a nautical themed weather set for their desk.

A unique gift, tailored to the client lets them know that you actually understand their unique interests and that you took the time to learn about them. Showing a personal interest lets them know that you will take the same interest in your B2B relationship.


The promotional products industry is based upon the premise that providing advertising give aways is the best form of advertising. We all like a nice gift and when that gift bears your name then it makes it special for both parties. However, is it necessary to give it away? How often do you see retail products that  carry a brand name? The Abercrombie and Fitch line is a good example. They put their name on it and then sell them at a profit. Of course you need not look beyond your favorite tourist stop to see branded goods for sale. Cups, hats, t-shirts, foamies; they are all part of their retail operation. It is something that we have frequently done for clients and something that you can consider as well.

Our firm completed a cuff link set for a college book store, as well as a lapel pin; each for retail sale. A brewery's gift shop purchased copper mugs and folding camp chairs. We have sold photo cases to a photographer as an after-market item for photo packages.The item could have been included in the purchase of the photo session but now it became extra revenue. What about fund raising events? High school sports teams routinely use decals, license plates, wearables and more to generate revenue.Need a traffic builder for your store? Join with a charity and sell a unique item that identifies the charity but also bears your name. Sell the item and donate some or all of the profit to the charity. You generated foot traffic for your store and enhanced your public image.

Thinking outside the box can be profitable in many ways.


Regardless of the target audience, you always want your corporate image to stand out. Whether you are trying to recruit new employees or broaden your client base, your visual image to new prospects is a cornerstone to how they approach the initial contact. The tried and true adage that; "You only get one chance to make a good first impression" is a basic truth in corporate image.

Your presence at corporate trade shows or job fairs is where you can make that positive first impression. Back drops; table covers; pop-up banners, all emblazoned with your corporate logo or product images. It can set the positive mood before the first word is ever spoken.

Of course the intent is to draw them to your table but what happens when you get them? Wow them with custom pocket portfolios, or take away items like magnetic business cards or pens. Something that will keep you top of mind when they are trying to sort out the myriad of information they have just assembled. Of course, don't forget the trade show bags since they will love to have something to carry that information and it becomes a mobile billboard for your booth.

Consider the demographics since the millennials  will grab tech first (ear buds; power banks) while the 35 -45 range might gravitate toward desk and home items.  For more information on regional and age data send us an e-mail via the contact page.